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» Leeds University Library

A super resource that tells you the sort of things no one has done so before. Things like: how to search for information on the web, how to check out web validity, how to use the various medical databases, managing information, referencing, keeping up to date and lots more. Definitely worth a stop at least once in your life!

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» London Deanery Website

Excellent e-modules in ethics, communication, patient safety and leadership etc. They provide e-certificates on completion which can be uploaded into your e-portfolio and are great for demonstrating learning for your PDP.

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» Doceo Website

Another site mainly about learning and teaching at college, university and professional levels. It concentrates on underlying principles, values and analytical tools and the synthesis of odd ideas.  Again, a really easy to follow website. This part of their site http://www.doceo.co.uk/academic/learning_links.htm is really good.

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» Learning & Teaching Website

This is one fabulous resource which will help you brush up on your educational theory and put it into practice.  Look especially at http://www.learningandteaching.info/learning/index.htm

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