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» eGuidelines Website

Provides updated evidence based guidelines with a Primary Care perspective.

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» GP Links Website

Although Google is good, it can be embarrassing to use in front of patients as it can make you look a bit clueless.  Try GP links instead which is a customised google search which means it only looks at a set of reliable medical websites.

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» OnMedica Website is an online medical publication for daily news, views, blogs and learning. They combine high-quality journalism with medical expertise to cater for the daily information and professional development needs of doctors.  You can, for instance, search for material from reliable health websites in the UK (including clinical information and leaflets).  Their educational content is peer reviewed and authors are required to declare competing interests.  It also has a clinically interactive area which can prove useful with your trainees. All of their content is free but you will need to complete a quick registration process to obtain access to all of it.

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» GP Notebook Website

GPnotebook is an online encyclopaedia of medicine that provides a trusted immediate reference resource for clinicians in the UK and internationally.

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» NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries Website

Some people love this one because it is more evidence based than GP notebook.  Users of the former Prodigy will like this one as it is a continuation of it. Others find that it gives too much information and is not as snappy as GP Notebook.  You decide.

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