Trainers - A Summary

Welcome to the trainer section of the York VTS website. This section contains information for trainers, their practices and intending trainers. If as a trainer you would like to add anything to the website for use by other trainers as a resource please email the information to Beverly Johnson.

In York we have 40 trainers who support the York VTS.

Trainer activities

As well as supervising a trainee in their practice trainers also have the opportunity to be involved in other activities that support the York VTS and training in the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery.

These activities include:

  • Planning and facilitation of half day release teaching sessions
  • Educational supervision
  • Mentoring a new trainer
  • Participating in local and Deanery ARCP
  • Participating in the mock CSA (usually run in Sept/Oct on a Wednesday afternoon)
  • Facilitation on the Induction and Launch Pad courses
  • Involvement in GP trainee recruitment (usually Feb/March each year)
  • Teaching and facilitation on Deanery courses e.g. CSA preparation courses, spring and autumn school.

It is expected that trainers undertake some of these additional activities in addition to their training role in their practice.

It is not always possible to allocate a trainee to a trainer every six months. Many trainees now work less than full time and we have a large number of trainees in York training in innovative posts; which means combining part time general practice with a part time specialty post. On occasions if a trainer has not been allocated a trainee they may be asked if it is possible for them to supervise a FY2 doctor.

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Tutorial resources for trainers

A list of various resources that can be used in tutorials.

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Guidance for Trainee Timetable

How to make the trainee timetable compliant with the new GP trainee contract and the EU working directive

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