Re-approval Process for GP trainers

GP trainers are expected to meet with one of the TPDs at the Postgraduate Centre each year for an appraisal of their work as a GP trainer. Rachael Snelgrove will arrange the appraisal meeting and send out the paperwork.

Trainers are expected to be involved with supporting the HDR programme, attending and contributing to The Trainer Group, and undertaking a number of activities that support the VTS as detailed in the trainers section of the website. Trainers are also expected to set annual educational objectives and undertake to meet these.

A trainer also needs to take part in the Deanery re-approval process.

The trainer will be required to attend one TQA seminar every three years. At the seminars consultation skills, teaching and quality of workplace-based assessments will be assessed by peers, facilitated by experienced trainers/ programme directors. If a trainer cannot get to any of the TQA seminars offered then as an alternative, in an exceptional case, they could choose to be visited instead.

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