GP Posts Overview

Your three years training is split as follows :

  • 18 months in GPSTr hospital-based posts.
  • 18 months in General Practice. There are 31 different Training Practices to choose from for General Practice experience.
  • The majority of these practice posts are in and around the city of York.
  • To offer you the best possible experience of different practices, we have more rural posts in Kirkby Moorside to the North, Selby to the South, Green Hammerton to the West.

Working in your Training Practice :
Joining a practice as a GP Registrar is an exciting time. For the first time you will have the opportunity to put much of what you have learnt in hospital into practice in the community.

The post of GP Registrar is supernumerary in the sense that the practice can function independently without the GP Registrar. However, in order to give you a complete experience of General Practice, your training practice will have altered their usual timetable to accommodate you fully into the team. Your contributions to the smooth running of the practice will make a difference, and as an integral member of the team your experience should be correspondingly richer.

In the early weeks, you will experience a process of gradual integration and initially you will sit in with your Trainer. Following this you will have your own surgeries, initially with longer appointment times than usual. Your Trainer, or one of the partners, will always be available for advice, and at the end of each surgery there will be time for debriefing. As you gain in experience and self-confidence, the objective will be to achieve consultation times of 10 minutes per patient. The point in time that this is reached will be based on discussion with your Trainer.

As an integral member of the practice team, you will be expected to take a responsible attitude towards study leave and holidays. Other members of the team will have had to fit their own holidays around the induction period of the GP Registrar, and it is only reasonable to expect you to fit in with the equitable planning of the practice timetable and rota.

Training practices vary according to their location, demography and the number of principals. As a result, the workload will differ from one practice to another. You will be issued with a timetable listing your usual duties, and as part of this you will be expected to share the day-to-day workload with other practice members. Unlike some hospital posts that you may have experienced, there is no specific “clocking off” time in General Practice, and you will be expected to have finished your work to a satisfactory standard before leaving the premises in the evening. This may include seeing some extra patients that have arrived unexpectedly at the end of the surgery.

Home visits have become less frequent in recent years, but still form an essential part of General Practice. To ensure that you acquire adequate experience in this area, your Trainer may ask you to take extra visits on some days. This may mean visiting after evening surgeries if necessary.

Both you and your Trainer will have protected time for tutorials each week, and some of these may be conducted with other members of the practice team, who have expertise in certain areas. Your Trainer will agree a package of tutorials with you, based on your current learning needs. You will be expected to make adequate preparation for these tutorials in your own time.

There is also some additional time designated each week for your own study, based on your current learning needs. This can be used to keep your entries on the eportfolio up to date, perform audits, undertake additional videoing or gain experience in Out Patient clinics. You will need to agree how you use this time with your Trainer.

Attendance of the Half Day Release sessions, which run at the postgraduate centre each week, is mandatory. These are calculated as part of your study leave. There is a separate document detailing study leave and holiday entitlement on the VTS website. On the occasions that there is no Half Day Release session, you are expected to work in your practice. When the Half Day Release session is held in the evening, the afternoon will available for personal/study time.

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