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The Paediatric Department

The department manages 3500 emergency admissions, 400 SCBU admissions, 2000 GP referral patients and 8000 further outpatient reviews each year. The majority of the activity is general paediatric and neonatal medicine and postnatal work.

The consultants are General paediatricians with specialist interest in the following areas:

  • Dr Jo Mannion -, Adolescent Health, Teenage Diabetes, Clinical leadership
  • Dr Sunny Sandhu - Neonatal,
  • Dr Dominic Smith -, Diabetes, rheumatology
  • Dr Robert Smith - Neurodevelopmental including ADHD, epilepsy
  • Dr Sally Smith – Neurodevelopment including Autism, Transition
  • Dr Lorna Highet - Neurodevelopment, Sexual assault examinations
  • Dr Sarah Snowden - Looked After Children, Adoption, Sexual assault examinations
  • Dr Indie Thopte -, Community Child health including Autism, Gastroenterology
  • Professor Bill McGuire - Neonatology, Evidence based medicine
  • Dr Liz Baker-, Diabetes, Safeguarding including Sexual assault examinations
  • Dr Ianthe Abbey-, Epilepsy, Sexual assault examinations
  • Dr Murray wheeler- Cardiology, Cystic Fibrosis
  • Dr Luke McLaughlin-, Neonatal, Renal, Bladder and Bowel,
  • Dr Gemma Barnes- Emergency Dept liaison, College Tutor.

The wider team includes 7 registrars at ST4-7 and 2 middle grade trust grade doctors. There are specialist nurses in community child health, palliative care, school nursing, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, enuresis and play therapy. There is a full team of developmental therapists in the Child development centre.

    There is excellent support from wider hospital specialties including paediatric radiology, echocardiography, anaesthetics, surgery, neurophysiology and laboratory sciences.

    Paediatric training at York Hospital is a very enjoyable attachment. Trainees often tell us it has been their favourite placement. They enjoy a very wide exposure to all aspects of child health in a very supportive environment. The aim is to provide a wide variety of clinical problems that will increase the confidence of the trainee in seeing children with illness in his/her future career. Skills of communication, examination, assessment, management and practical procedures will be acquired during the six-month post.

    Paediatric training aims to promote many wider professional skills including:

    • Understanding how illness presents differently at different ages, alters with growth and development
    • Child and Family centred working
    • Consider social and ethical issues
    • Skills of communication, empathy, sensitivity, awareness of emotional issues
    • Team working
    • Careful and thorough approach to work with good record keeping, time management


    Each day trainees and consultants and senior nurses meet at 9am in the seminar room for a multi-professional handover from the night on call team. This is also an educational session to discuss new problems.

    Trainees then start either ward round, neonatal round, postnatal ward, or Child Assessment unit (CAU)

    Registrars and consultants will review all CAU patients. Ward patients are reviewed again at 4pm if necessary.

    Trainees should be able to access a number of subspecialist clinics as observers during the post

    Handover to the on-call team occurs at the end of each shift.

    Formal Teaching

    A 2-day formal Induction programme is organised at the beginning of the post.

    There is also a programme of teaching sessions to cover the knowledge base of general paediatrics during the attachment.

    All trainees have regular meetings with consultant supervisors for educational supervision and completion of training portfolio. The supervisors are very familiar with the GP training e-portfolio. Trainees participate in the department governance and audit programme.

    Trainees are released to attend GP training sessions and complete formal postgraduate examinations.

    Educational sessions are scheduled as follows:

    • Monday X-Ray department X-Ray meeting
    • Tuesday SHO lunchtime teaching tutorial
    • Thursday SHO lunchtime case presentation
    • Friday department grand round and child psychiatry meeting

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Location Details:

York District Hospital

Location: » York District Hospital
Address: » Wigginton Road, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 8HE
Phone: » 01904 631 313
Resident GP/Trainer(s): » Mike Williams, Mark Gibson

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