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The Dalton Terrace Surgery is close to York’s racecourse and the Knavesmire, catering for 8,000 patients, with 18% living in villages to the South and West of the city. The patients are varied in age and background, which keeps the job interesting. The practice maintains a personal list system, which aims to be able to deal with patient problems more efficiently owing to prior personal knowledge. In this sense the practice is ‘traditional’, while at the same time embracing new ways of working and always striving to give the best care to patients, and to learners within the practice.

The team includes five full time partners and one retained GP. There are three practice nurses, and a helpful reception team, some of whom double as phlebotomists. In the office are two secretaries, a practice manager and an admin/accounts manager. A practice counselor attends the surgery once a week. There is close liaison with all the Primary Health Care Team with frequent meetings - including the CPN’s, Midwife, Health Visitors and District Nurses (who meet all the doctors, registrar included on a weekly basis). Everyone is friendly and approachable, and the trainee is treated as part of the family for their stay.

The building, on the corner of Blossom Street and Dalton Terrace is a three storey Victorian property. The surgery occupies the ground floor and basement, and part of the first floor is used for offices. The rest of the building is residential, though the attic space has been converted to use as a meeting room. Weekly practice meetings take place here, attended by the trainee, who is encouraged to contribute to discussions.

There is a full range of services, including minor Surgery, Nexplanon and Implanon fitting for family planning, wound care, joint injections, and all other elements of general medical services. There is a Baby Clinic once a week involving Practice Nurses and partners, and a midwife clinic twice weekly. There are several community homes for the chronic psychiatrically ill patients in the area, and we are not far from St Leonard’s hospice, and Meadowfields elderly rehabilitation unit. Dr Brown, a partner at the practice, is school medical officer for The Mount School and the Practice also prescribes for some drug dependent patients in liaison with the Drug Resource Centre. So there is ample opportunity to gain experience of patients with a wide range of medical conditions.

As well as accommodating two trainees, the practice is involved with HYMS teaching Years 1 and 4. All learners in the practice are encouraged to take an active role in the practice, and to take responsibility as appropriate to their level of experience. Trainees are expected to help with all aspects of daily work, and including home visits and paperwork when needed. Occasionally a trainee acts under supervision as the duty doctor. There is an opportunity to take part in practice audits, and to present audit findings to the practice meeting. The computer system is EMIS LV and so audit is relatively straightforward to undertake.

The two trainers are Rory Ellis Hollins and Clare McLure, taking over from John Coop who finished training in 2008. Both are enthusiastic about General Practice and education, and have lots to offer. Rory does Out of Hours, so may be able to supervise trainee OOH sessions too. The other partners will also take an active role in training, including tutorials, debriefing sessions and supervision.

Trainees who wishes to visit the practice are encouraged to contact the surgery.

Our reception phone number is 01904 658542.

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Rory Ellis Hollins

Name: » Rory Ellis Hollins

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Claire McClure

Name: » Claire McClure

Claire McClure is an active member at this location.

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Dalton Terrace Surgery

Location: » Dalton Terrace Surgery
Address: » Glentworth, Dalton Terrace, York, YO24 4DB.
Phone: » 01904 658 542

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